In Memory of “Doc Dobbins” #3

In one of my class notes, I wrote this Doc quote: “THE ATTITUDES AND ACTIONS OF YOUR LIFE TOMORROW ARE ALREADY EMBRYONIC-ALLY PRESENT IN YOUR MIND TODAY.” When you think about this, it’s pretty powerful.

I think of Proverbs 23:7 that states a principle: “As a man thinks within himself, so he is.” The direct context of this verse is regarding a selfish rich man. Still, the power of our thoughts as a reflection of our inner person, should not be underestimated.

To put this insight another way, if you want a glimpse into your future, pay attention to what dominates your thought life today.

Think about it, MOST OF YOUR CURRENT PLACE IN LIFE…CAREER, RELATIONSHIPS, ACTIVITIES, PRIORITIES…came from thoughts and decisions in your past. Thoughts beget attitudes, and decisions, and life directions. Rarely do we just “end up” somewhere. As such, much of our physical, emotional, spiritual and financial well being are in many ways, a result of previous thoughts.

As I reflected on this idea, it got me wondering. “SO WHAT ARE THE THEMES IN MY THOUGHT LIFE NOW, AND HOW WILL THEY COME TO FRUITION IN MY LIFE IN THE YEARS TO COME?” Am I hope-filled? Do I anticipate and prepare myself for opportunity? Do I make the most of my “todays” so they add up to bountiful tomorrows?

Or, am I thinking, being and doing things that will lead to disappointment, failure or regret? Do an inventory…what is the quality of your inner life now? today? Because therein lie seeds for your future.