Leadership Summit Reflections

This Thursday and Friday, CLC had the privilege to be one of over 300 live hosts of the Willow Creek Leadership Summit simulcast. It is always a highlight of my year. For two full days, leaders from around the world come to challenge and inspire those who attend. This year was no exception. It’s getting late on Sunday evening, and with the long week behind me, and a full one ahead, I’m about ready to call it a day.

However, I just did the “homework” we gave to all our staff who attended. We gave them a worksheet, and asked everyone to just write down a “take-away thought” from each speaker. I thought I’d share a few of mine below…musing about them is on your own! 🙂

BILL HYBELS: It is important to learn to hear God in an un-rushed way. It’s hard to hear God at Mach II….Are you living out the grander vision God has custom-designed for your life? If not, something important on planet Earth will go undone. Remember, the grander the vision, the greater the pricetag.

ALLEN CATHERINE KAGINA: (Brought transformation to the Uganda version of the IRS) You’re annointed by God for what you do. Once you bring God into the marketplace, He doesn’t know the difference between the sacred and the secular. Invite the Kingdom of God into your work!

IVAN SATYAVRATA: (A pastor in India) I was struck by his gracious greeting, that said SO much: “Thank you for the humility (for having me speak)to listen to the majority world.” (India alone has 1.3 Billion people). If knowledge is power, then knowledge of God in Christ is absolute power.

I have comments on several other speakers…but these alone should take up some thought time, if you choose. Have a great day!