It’s a gold mine!

Recently a friend of mine, and business owner told me he was surprised that my recent book for church leaders had  helpful insights in it for him in his business. While he was surprised, I wasn’t. Admittedly, I have a bit of a business mindset. I come by it understandably. In addition to my seminary degrees, I have a Bachelor’s degree in Business, and an MBA.

However, my educational background isn’t why I feel the book can help business people. It’s more because of how amazing the Bible is. The Bible contains timeless truth. Proverbs states that such truth is like “Apples of gold in settings of silver.” (Proverbs 25:11) In this case, the bible is a virtual “gold mine” of practical, timeless truths.

When I read leadership and business books, I’m not at all surprised to find them filled with Biblically based truths. God’s truth, whether read from the Bible, or re-stated in popularly published format, is applicable throughout life.

So, when my friend said “That whole thing about ‘Discern, Define, Declare, Do’ that was right on!” I wasn’t surprised. The book is obviously Biblically based. And even though it is primarily geared toward pastors and lay leaders of churches, readers will find “gold nuggets” that will help them in any endeavor of life that calls for discovering and pursuing a big vision. (Big: A God-Sized Vision for your Church by: Stan J. Tharp,

The bible is like that. True when it was written; true today, and timelessly applicable in all areas of life. Read it today for yourself. If you are wondering where to start, try turning to the book of Proverbs. (Near the middle of your Bible.) Each chapter has a couple dozen wisdom sayings.  When I read Proverbs, I tend to discover at least one “gold nugget” of truth in every chapter. Try reading whichever chapter matches today’s date; you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what you discover.