People Like Us… thoughts on how to worship God, in His image.

This weekend we began a new sermon series that will last for years…sort of.  We’ll be preaching through the Bible; the last time we did that it took about 5 years. HOWEVER, this time…we’ll break it down into a collection of 4-6 week “mini-series.”

Also, unlike last time…we are following the people of the Bible, rather than the “books of the Bible” (like Genesis through Revelation.) join us, you’ll discover these people who lived thousands of years ago are…”People Like Us!”

We started this week as you might expect…with Adam and Eve. For those of you who saw the message..either “live” at our Little York ministry center, or on screen at one of our campuses or other Little York venues (or online at…YES, I got to break glass 4 times (gotta watch it to get it.)

I’m going to try to add a few thoughts each week on this blog page…since you can only get so much into a 30 minute sermon.This week’s sermon  talked a lot about sin…hopefully in helpful ways. One man came up to me and said he’d been a Christian most of his life…”and I’ve never heard sin explained that way before.”

So for this week’s blog…let’s reflect instead on the amazing fact that as human beings…we were created in the image of God! Wow.


GOD MADE ME (AND YOU) A CREATIVE BEING:  We have been given “creative abilities” from the creator Himself! Are you exercising those abilities?

When is the last time you drew? Painted? Sculpted? Knitted? Photographed? (selfies don’t count.) When was the last time you carved, built, baked, colored, wrote, filmed?….the list goes on….simply for the enjoyment of creating…AND for the glory of God?

WHO CARES if no one else thinks it looks great…go ahead, create something…for God’s sake! Remember, He is our Heavenly Father, do it for Him! I remember when our kids would draw pictures as children…I LOVED IT, and we happily put their “artwork” on display, placing it on the “refrigerator gallery!”

Bring out the “Imago Dei” in you ( Latin phrase theologians use for Image of God.)… and do it as a creative act of worship. PAY RESPECT TO GOD as the one who created you in His creative image, BY CREATING!

And if it seems too untraditional to you to consider creating as an act of worship, maybe you could hum a familiar worship tune while you’re doing the creative activity.  😊 Go ahead, make something…God will like it, and you’ll enjoy doing it!

4 thoughts on “People Like Us… thoughts on how to worship God, in His image.

  1. I’ve never thought about using my creative skills for worship. I have lots of bananas… I’ll bake some beautiful banana bread for God! =)

  2. I knew this inside, but never heard it expressed quite that way. What a wonderful concept! It brings new meaning to the verse that says you should do all for the glory of G-d. It really does mean ALL, not just reading the Bible and praying!

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