Something about my iPod!

This August, I could so relate to Bill Hybels as he shared at the annual Global Leadership Summit, “There’s something special about music!”

I’ve said for a long time that music has a “soul-ish” dimension to it. It touches us in ways nothing else does. When I’m “up” nothing elevates the mood like some good (loud) music. When I’m pensive, or reflective, again, the right tunes soothe my soul. Even frustration, the blues, disappointment…all seem to go better with the right song.

I was recently on a road trip in my truck with our son, who is less than half my age. We had talked quite a while, and now it was some “down time” (men know this as “we talked enough, let’s be quiet” time.)

He was reading, I had my iPod on, ear buds in…and I was loving the tunes! Evidently I was playing U2 so loud, he could hear “Moment of Surrender.” I told him I couldn’t help it, I like it LOUD!

Funny, with my earbuds in, whether I’m listening to some vintage music like the James Gang, Yes, James Taylor or Steely Dan (“mature” music lovers will note the wide range of my musical palate) or simply cranking up some recent Chris Tomlin or Hillsong United (or yes, even occasional tunes from Daughtry) inside it’s like I’m often 25 again  and loving life!

It’s not that I don’t love life in my fifties…it’s just that with earbuds and loud music, that “25 year old feeling” means I still have a full head of naturally curly hair too! (If you don’t know me, let’s just say time has not been kind in that regard.)

Music appeals to us soul-deep; and it is one of the few things that can truly inspire and rejuvenate us! That’s why I can’t wait! Our church has Vertical Church band coming December 12 and 13. They are tremendously talented, and bring sincere passion in the music they play.

Even though I’m sure I’m old enough to be their dad…I can’t wait to celebrate Christmas with their help!  If you’re in town, join us. If not, take some time this season, find some tunes, “crank it up” and celebrate soul-deep, the Joy of Christmas!

Check out these youtube links for a taste of what is coming to CLC!

The Rock Won’t Move:

Emmanuel (Hallowed Manger Ground) by Chris Tomlin: