Are you “Stuck?”

You could say I’m in the “People Business.”  Based on my experience I’d say most people aren’t living the near perfect lives their social media posts might lead us to believe. I’m not suggesting everyone’s life is a mess…just somewhere in-between.

The Bible is clear, every life has it’s good and bad (“The rain falls on the just and the unjust…” Matthew 5:45.) Seasons and situations of difficulty can be pretty overwhelming. However, you don’t need to stay STUCK in your circumstances, habits, thoughts or relational dysfunction. Even in the midst of struggles, you can thrive.

Most of us simply have bad habits we’d like to break, or good ones we wish we’d start. We may address those briefly at the start of the year in the form of “New Year’s Resolutions.” However, these good intentions typically fade in a matter of weeks, and we fall back into the “same-old-same-old.” For other people, they’re stuck in huge, life-debilitating issues. Situations seem hopeless, and answers can’t be found. Regardless of where you’re at, I believe we CAN find hope, and the help to change…in God’s word.

This weekend at Christian Life Center we begin a powerful and encouraging series called “Unstuck.” As I unpacked the themes and direction for these weekend messages in a staff meeting, one of our pastors said “I can tell you have a counseling background by the nature of these messages.” He’s right, and I love messages that look to the Bible for God to be our “Wonderful Counselor” as the prophet called him in Isaiah 9:6.

If you’re a CLC’er…if at all possible, be with us this weekend. I know many watch online…and if that is  your only option, please do. HOWEVER, there will be some powerful benefits of being “In the room” at either Little York or our other campuses.

Likewise, if you have un-churched friends or family, this would be a GREAT series to invite them to.

We’ve ordered 500 copies of “Unstuck” a book I wrote to go with the series. We’ll be selling them this weekend. We sold out all 500 copies of our book last fall (Questionable Beliefs) so get yours soon. You can get a copy from the publisher (CreateSpace) or Amazon.