Which Past Do You SEE?

We spent two chapters on “Getting Un-Stuck from Your Past.” We actually could have probably spent the entire book on this subject! As stated in last week’s message, God consistently demonstrates what He chooses to recall from our past and how He will interpret those memories.

Since we are created in God’s image, we too can learn to choose our recollections and our interpretations. Obviously, we aren’t perfect like Him, so indeed, there will be some things we can’t help but remember. HOWEVER, we DO have a great deal of control over what we will tell ourselves about what we remember. Pray for God to help you learn helpful interpretations.

There are five suggested steps to learning how to view our past constructively:

  1. Celebrate and give thanks for what is behind you.
  2. Learn to learn from your past.
  3. Discern from your past.
  4. Pray for a replacement interpretation.
  5. Learn how to leave it!

The really “nasty” stuff of our past is in special need of the above step #5. The Apostle Paul referred to the difficult parts of his past as “rubbish.” No one carries rubbish around with them…THEY DUMP IT!

What past memories, identities, failures, losses, hurts, rejections, injustices, etc do you need to DUMP LIKE RUBBISH? Do you really want to carry those painful, dysfunctional, difficult memories and interpretations around with you for the rest of your life?

Most people would answer, “No, but I can’t let them go until they get settled.” The reality is those loads of our painful past never actually get “settled.” Either we decide to reinterpret it and leave it, or it lingers for a lifetime.

Choose today to follow steps 1-5 as outlined in Un-Stuck passionately and dutifully until YOU have gotten the best of your past, and not the other way around!