God, Where Are You?

God, Where Are You? I remember a late Sunday afternoon, when I was about 12 years old. I was sitting in my grandmother’s bedroom on an old wooden trunk at the foot of her bed. It was about 2 feet away from her bed against the wall, so I could sit on it and look at her as she lay in her bed.

She was very sick, and I was asking God in childlike faith to please, please heal my Grandma. The diabetes she had been battling had already cost her both feet to amputation (earlier unanswered prayers), but I was still hoping somehow through prayer that God would spare her life. Later that evening, she slipped into a diabetic coma and would never return. Diabetes took her life, and to this day, I find myself verbalizing my disdain for this hideous disease.

Years later, my mom and I recalled that sad day. She told me that early in my afternoon prayer vigil, she was tending to my still-conscious grandmother who whispered to my mom, “I think he’s praying for me.” To which my mom replied, “He is, ma, he is.”

To this day, I don’t understand why God didn’t answer that prayer or the many pleas to Him to spare my loving grandma from her illness. Through the years, I could add many other prayers for healing or other extreme circumstantial help (for me or someone else) that seem to have gone unheeded.

Although I accepted Christ at a young age and have followed Him for almost 50 years, the one thing I know about my walk of faith is I will never fully understand this walk of faith (at least not this side of Heaven). One of the greatest questions of struggle for believers and roadblocks to faith for those who don’t believe is “Why do bad things happen and why doesn’t God answer our prayers?”

God, Where Are You?Over 35 years of pastoral ministry have given me some perspective on these daunting questions that I believe can help those who struggle with them. I’ve written a new book titled, “God, Where are you?” I encourage you to buy a copy from the publisher (CreateSpace). Click here for details (or click the book image).

Starting the weekend of October 6-7, Christian Life Center begins a 6-week series investigating these questions and themes from my new book. If you are already a Christ follower, I believe the study will help and encourage you. If you are not yet a Christian, perhaps in part to your disillusionment with God because of pain (answered or unanswered), join us for insights you seek.

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