5 Answers to Prayer Beyond Yes and No

The book we are using to guide the current CLC sermon series is “God, Where Are You?” Many people struggle with doubting either themselves, their faith, or the God of their faith. This doubt is in part due to the fact that we consider answers to prayer in a “yes-no” mode. Either we get what we asked, when and how we asked, or God must have declined our request or He just doesn’t care.

During week three of the CLC sermon series based on the book “God, Where Are You?,” we considered five common answers to prayer that go beyond the “yes-no” mode:

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. Not yet
  4. God is doing something new
  5. God is doing something you aren’t even aware of

When we consider God’s activity through this kind of “lens,” we can be encouraged to realize God answers prayers way more than we realize.

“Not yet” can be an answer to prayer. This comes down to timing, and we noted verses that speak of God answering prayers according to His appropriate timing not ours.

As much as we aren’t fond of it, “No” is also an answer. We often miss this answer. We take silence as an invitation to pray harder, with more passion, even “claiming” answers in Jesus’ name. While this can be appropriate, humble acceptance and trust is more appropriate when God has said “No” and we just don’t want to accept it as an answer.

Think about it. If God DOES say no, there must be an amazing reason why, and we really wouldn’t want a “yes” after all. Be content with an occasional “no” and learn to trust God for His decision.

The final two answers are reasons for joy! The God of the universe may be doing something NEW in your life and you can’t even imagine it yet, OR He is simply up to something you haven’t thought of yet (and as a result, you haven’t thought to even ask for it or about it).

Learn to be humble enough to let God be God of your life. Trust him when He chooses an answer other than “Yes.” Demonstrate your trust in Him, in and through all situations. Consider the MANY answers God has available to Him, and thank Him for his response to your need and NOT just for His “Yes” replies.

God, Where Are You?

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