“Soul Work”…take the time

Back in 2007 I had a bit of a “perfect storm” in life that forced me to take what I call my “Crash and burn sabbatical.” (CLC’ers will recall that on the first week of this time of R&R I broke my leg!).

Anyway, during that time off, I connected with an insightful Christian counselor. We saw him extensively back then. I still get with him about once a quarter to “Keep my head on straight.”

Today, I spent several hours in the car (in ugly, slushy Ohio winter weather) to drive to get some counseling time (His office isn’t nearby).

As always, guided introspection by a capable third party was extremely helpful. I dug up some pretty deep feelings, hopefully gained some meaningful insights, and drove home with loads of thoughts and prayerful reactions.

My point is, take good care of your “insides,” of your “soul.” I heard our soul explained as a combination of our mind, will and emotions. All three, combined with our body and spirit are what make us uniquely human, and what make you uniquely you.

God made us finely tuned beings. Our minds are amazing, our wills tenacious, and our emotions add the color and song to life. BUT, each can get wounded, damaged or just plain stressed out.

Many people try to “overlook” internal struggles; the problem is that what’s unhealthy inside eventually “leaks” outside. Damage gets done…to relationships, to physical, emotional, mental or spiritual health…or to the way we see ourselves and others.

If you have issues that go “soul deep” don’t ignore them. Talk to a friend, keep a journal, find a mentor, read some introspective books (some of my favorite authors are Henry Cloud and Larry Crabb), if necessary, see a trusted counselor.

DON’T ignore the inside of you…God made all of you. God made you complex: body, soul and spirit. Life can bring dis-ease to any of those key dimensions of who you are….God wants to help you take good care of yourself!

P.S. before anyone asks, my counselor isn’t taking new clients. I don’t have any I recommend, I suggest you start with who your insurance covers (many Christian counselors are usually in your plan)…and look for a good fit. Not every counselor will “click” with you.