8 Important Things Christians Tend to Forget

At Christian Life Center (CLC), we just finished the second week of our series “Soul-deep Identity Theft.” You can view the service on-demand at clcdayton.tv and get a copy of the book at Amazon.com.

Reflecting on the service, a friend repeated a statement to me after church that I had made in the message, noting its impact on him: “Satan doesn’t have to steal our identity from us if he can just get us to forget it.”

Think about it: accepting Christ is meant to be an identity-changing, life-shaping, destiny-making decision. Knowing we are adopted into God’s family and heading to Heaven is SUPPOSED to make all the difference in our world; but does it?

If we asked people who know us, people we interact with every day (co-workers, classmates, neighbors, business acquaintances, people we interact with around sports, shopping, etc.), they should say, “Wow, you being a Christian makes a huge difference in your attitude, the person you are, what you say, and how you do life…and I WANT that.”  The question is: would they really say that?

Starting next week, we’ll do a deep dive into four ways our adversary succeeds at getting us to forget, or even in stealing our identity (I assure you, as we talk about them, you’ll see these four strategies in effect in your own life).

Until then, consider these eight important aspects of your identity in Christ that you may have forgotten:

  1. I am patient and kind toward rude people who test my patience (anybody can be patient and king to the nice folks!)
  2. My thoughts are powerful in determining my mood and setting the course of my life, so I think on purpose. (This is based on the power suggested in Romans 12: 1,2)
  3. “What are you up to God?” is one of the best things to pray during times of adversity.  We know God does good work in us through hardship. Too often we ask God to get us out of it, when He wants us to go THROUGH it.
  4. I forgive quickly and I try to forget.  It’s the way God has forgiven me.
  5. I am noticeably hopeful and I see the best in people and situations!
  6. Failure, pain, hardship, disappointment and loneliness are valuable tools God will use in my life to refine me. As such I don’t get mad or blame God, or even wonder “Where are you God?” Instead of asking Him to get me out of it, I pray point 3 above.
  7. God wants me to do things today that will last for eternity...so I live joyfully and intentionally.
  8. I am optimistic. How can I NOT be? after all, Romans 8: 28, 31 and 38 are true!

How much would your acquaintances say you LIVE the above eight life descriptions? Would they say “Totally, I see these qualities in your life all the time?” If so, way to go, you are living a contagious life as a follower of Jesus. If you feel they might wince and say, “Not so much”…maybe you should remind yourself.

Each day this week, read the above 8 out-loud, ask God to remind you through His Holy Spirit of who you are, and that your identity is in Christ.

If you haven’t already, here’s links to view this past week’s sermon and get a copy of the book:

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