Saving Money and The Perfect Post-Covid Financial Plan

The recent coronavirus pandemic has made an arguably unprecedented impact on humanity in many ways worldwide. Not only has COVID-19 had physical health consequences, people have suffered socially, emotionally, professionally and financially.

Some people have gone through the cultural shut-downs by working remotely and they have suffered no financial effects. Others (millions) have lost jobs and income and struggle to make ends meet. Hopefully (at the time of writing this) we will get back to a healthy ‘new normal’ soon.

How are you doing, and how will you do financially once the pandemic is in the rear view mirror? Did you know the Bible has a pretty straightforward plan to help you succeed with money? It only makes sense. After all, the book of Deuteronomy tells us that God is the one who gives each of us our ability to make wealth in the first place (8:18).

It only makes sense, if God gives us the money we earn in the first place, He probably has a financial plan for us to follow that makes the most of it. This plan works for EVERYONE, whether you make a lot, or not. God wants to provide for your needs, and He wants you to live and spend, saving money and giving in a way that honors Him and blesses you.

I first began teaching this truth to the congregation I serve over twenty five (25) years ago. One day on my day off, I was mowing the lawn, thinking about the upcoming sermon on God’s financial plan, and it hit me! I came up with a timeless way to illustrate God’s plan for your wealth. People at our church simply call it “The Pipes” and it is the MOST REQUESTED ILLUSTRATION I DO!

It is available here for you to watch, put into practice, and enjoy!

Watch Now: The Pipes

Dr. Stan J. Tharp, MBA teaching personal finance and stewardship using his popular sermon illustration known as “The Pipes.”