3 Bible Tips for Bible Reading

God’s word is meant to be a part of our daily lives, both reading it and applying it. Unfortunately, we can find ourselves too busy to give the Bible the time and attention it deserves. Here are three quick tips to help you make the most of it. They all start with “R.”

FIRST: Read SOMETHING…it’s better than nothing. Something little you actually read is better than a LOT you never get around to. In other words, if you find yourself talking about, meaning to, but never really getting to sit down for a good…long…read, then at least get something.

Try a Bible app that gives you a verse of the day. A verse a day is better than a chapter sporadically throughout a week or month. I also find it helpful to read one chapter from the book of Proverbs each day. Since there are 31 chapters, you can simply choose the chapter that corresponds to the day of the month, read it, and get at least one nugget of wisdom to use!

SECOND: Recite. One way to become familiar with a passage is to say it out loud. Read it aloud thoughtfully a few times, pause, reflect. It is part of the process of “hiding God’s word in our hearts” that Psalm 103 tells us helps us overcome sin and the trials of life.

THIRD: Reflect. Take a moment and reflect on what you read. Too often we just read it and go. Savor it, ask yourself a few questions: What did this verse originally mean to the audience it was written to? How do I suppose God would like to use this verse in my life today? What does this verse teach me about who God is or how He relates to His creation?

There you have it: READ….RECITE…REFLECT. Try it today, see if it doesn’t help you get a bit more from your daily dose of the truth that transforms.

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