When Community Development is in your DNA

At Christian Life Center we are driven by what we call our “God-Sized Vision.” It’s based on some of the last earthly words of Jesus in Acts 1:8. Those who follow Christ are meant to “let their light shine.” This light includes doing good deeds for others to see God’s love through us in practical ways (See Matthew 5: 16). We are to “let our light shine” where we live, across our community, and around the world.

Working side-by-side with neighbors across Greater Dayton is part of who we are at CLC. It is one of our practical expressions of our commitment to Community Development. Wikipedia offers this definition “The United Nations defines community development as ‘a process where community members come together to take collective action and generate solutions to common problems.'”

On June 27, hundreds of CLC’ers will do exactly that We will join forces with other volunteers across our community from varied urban neighborhoods to make a difference. From urban churches like Mars Hill Community Church, to New Hope Community Church, or youth organizations like The Victory Project, or The Oasis House that fights human trafficking, we are committed to making a difference.

We call this event “Love Dayton.” We set aside one day for a massive effort, but then we “do” Love Dayton projects all throughout the year as well. It is a practical way to do exactly, that….Love…Dayton.

Positive community change comes about little by little, project by project, person by person. None of us can make sweeping changes and magically transform our community for good. But ALL of us can partner with someone else, give a little of our time, our resources, our effort, and together…make a big difference.

Go out and get started, in some small way, today.