Two words they wish they hadn’t said at Christmas

Christmas is less than two days away from the time of this post and the first Christmas is over 2,000 years ago. Looking back, I’m sure there were at least a few people who said two words they learned to regret; we know at least one person did.

I suggest it was the innkeeper who told Joseph and Mary those famous regrettable words, “no room.” It seems that as soon as shepherds showed up at the manger (directed to do so by angels) that the innkeeper must have realized his horrific mistake. He literally told the mother of the son of God that she must bed down (and give birth) in a barn!

If that wasn’t the only inn they stopped at, then other innkeepers most likely had the same experience of regretting their words as well. They had to wish they said something different, like “I’ll make room” or “You can have our room.”

Thankfully God is a god of grace, and He showed it from the moment His son was born. There was no retribution for saying those regrettable words and turning baby Jesus and His parents away.

I’m thankful God is forgiving like that. There are so many words I’ve said and things I’ve done that I later regretted. I have found that my simple request for forgiveness from my repentant heart, and God wipes the slate clean.

Decide NOW (just before Christmas celebrations) to not be like the innkeeper in one way; be mindful of your words this Christmas, avoid saying things you will later regret. Speak peaceful and joyful words that match the songs that celebrate the season. Let love and kindness flavor your speech…even with difficult relatives and in moments of fatigue or frustration. ..and have a merry Christmas.