Your daily gift for 2021

I had the privilege to speak at the chapel service of a local elementary school this week. The 15 minute drive brought back memories of when I drove our two kids there in elementary school on my days off. (In fact, I stopped at McDonalds and bought me a sausage McMuffin with egg in memory of the weekly ‘treat’ I used to buy us on the way to school.)

During the chapel service I shared a fun exercise from my book “Who Am I?” and then landed on Psalm 118: 24 as my theme verse: “This is the day which the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.” This well-known verse is a daily reminder that God gives each of us the gift of life EVERY DAY.

God made TODAY and gave it to you! Did you gladly accept it as the precious gift that it is? Did you CHOOSE to be joyful, regardless of your circumstances? This is really the admonition of the verse. Every day, God gives you the gift of life; you have a daily choice of your general attitude and the way you will respond as your day unfolds.

Choose a default of gratitude, gladness and joy! Each of these desirable inner qualities really don’t depend on your circumstances…they depend on the attitude you choose. This week celebrates the sanctity of life; one way to affirm the divine gift that life is, is to personally choose to enjoy the gift of life God has given you today.